Why is WordPress still Popular? Let’s understand WordPress Capabilities with Modern Development Workflow

November 2, 2022 | 3 minutes read
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WordPress is a popularly known Content Management System that is pretty easy to use. Any newbie who is keen on learning and diving into the Web World to express his thoughts, showcase art, list down business, make small/large scale e-commerce, and for every minor to a major thing, can use it with a bit of help from the online tutorials which are so readily available these days.   On the other hand, if we talk about the developers, they are least, or not at all, interested in this CMS for several reasons, say, - It is extremely easy. You can add the posts just after installation. - For additional functionality, there are so many plugins available that can be used. - There is no such learning curve that is available in modern technology. - Its code is messy   All points agreed. But WordPress is not limited to only blogs and posts. If it has been serving the market for the last 15 years, then obviously, something in it makes it the first choice for any regular content-based website. Moreover, because of its diverse nature, many open source development companies are contributing to keeping it sustainable in the market. Hence, even though WordPress started as a blogging tool, it has evolved into a powerful website builder too.  

What is Sage?

One such effort has been made by Roots, which has developed a starter theme called Sage using modern development technologies. This starter theme's base is Laravel, the best PHP framework for clean code. In addition, this theme uses Blade templates for theme creation. For styling, Tailwind CSS has been used. So this provides a very modern tech stack to WordPress. Even Laravel developers would be very interested to see what this theme offers and how WordPress development is fun using these technologies. Sage also uses Node.Js-based tools to manage its dependencies and build assets.

Basic Directory Structure of the Sage Theme

    It is effortless to install and configure this starter theme.
  • A developer who has worked in WordPress and Laravel can quickly get their hands dirty with this.
  • If you are only a WordPress developer, this is the best way to start exploring the other things that can enhance your knowledge and sharpen your skills with modern development workflow.
  • If you are a PHP developer, you won't find WordPress boring or easy to use.
It is an efficient way to increase your list of known frameworks/cms. In addition, every installation and configuration step is clearly mentioned in the Sage Documentation. Even if you plan to make an E-Commerce website using WordPress, Sage can also be used with  Woo-Commerce. This is because Sage templates can override all Woo-Commerce templates.  

Our Two Cents

Owing to its well-designed structure, WordPress is known to be extremely SEO friendly by Google since it easily accommodates crawls by search engines. Besides having tools to simplify social media integration, it follows high coding and UX standards, resulting in quicker loading and easier image optimization. Therefore, Wordpress comes out to be one of the best, free, open-source platforms for building a website- be it a personal blog or an E-Commerce website with advanced features and using Modern Development Workflow. Happy Wordpressing! #wordpress #laravel #webdevelopment #sage #startertheme #moderndevelopment #nodejs #cms #e-commerce

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