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The Petra Team works to empower leaders and their teams to scale their organizations. Petra Coaches – who have all successfully launched, scaled and exited businesses leveraging a specific methodology – that guides the organizations beyond stuck points to alignment, growth, scalability and purpose. They work with the teams to determine and implement essential organizational habits and alignment strategies to create a common purpose, a feeling of alignment and high levels of accountability through the introduction and mastery of tools including: - One-Page Strategic Plan - Meeting Rhythms – Daily, Weekly, Monthly, & Quarterly - Critical Numbers - KPIs – Key Performance Indicators - Transparency & Visibility via - Priority Alignment & Accountability Core Values and Core Purpose Quarterly Themes

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This project primarily revolves around the integration of third-party systems. The Petra team aimed to establish a member portal for their team members. In this portal, users could log in and access their latest events, webinars, workshops, and Action Docs uploaded by the Admin team. The main challenge here was that all the data points were originally created and stored on separate platforms. The member portal's users were already registered with Petra through Hubspot, and all the content was hosted on the WordPress backend. The key difficulty lay in consolidating data from these various platforms and presenting it to authenticated users. Additionally, the system needed to accommodate the addition of new users who would be seamlessly integrated into the existing Hubspot list.


In order to address the challenge of aggregating data from multiple platforms, we employed REST APIs to retrieve information from both WordPress and Hubspot. This data was then amalgamated into a new platform, leveraging the robust PHP Framework, Laravel.  To seamlessly integrate with Hubspot and obtain the necessary CRM data, we developed a Hubspot app, establishing a vital connection between the platform and Hubspot. For acquiring data related to webinars and workshops, we implemented REST APIs within WordPress, allowing us to fetch the required information. Furthermore, we designed an administrator portal to manage user CRUD operations. User signups were restricted to domains existing within the CRM. Administrators were empowered with the ability to add, update, and delete users. All existing domains were pre-listed within the Admin portal, simplifying user creation and association with specific domains or companies. To enhance system flexibility, the Admin portal was equipped with an additional feature enabling it to connect to any Hubspot account. At TechMarcos, we hold a strong belief that the approach chosen plays a pivotal role in determining the long-term success of a business. Consequently, we take substantial measures to ensure that our approach not only works effectively but also adds value to our clients' endeavors.


  • WordPress APIs
  • Hubspot APIs
  • MySQL
  • AWS