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AVYST Interview leverages cutting-edge technology to tackle a significant pain point in the insurance sales process. With Avyst Interview, agents can efficiently gather crucial client information with confidence, ensuring that the quotes provided are not only accurate but also enhance the overall customer experience. AVYST has revolutionized the insurance industry by automating the early stages of prospect qualification and insurance needs assessment. This is achieved by replacing cumbersome forms with responsive, Artificial Intelligence-driven conversations that extract only the necessary information.

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Avyst Interview, built on the Decisions Software platform, presented us with a half-finished project that was in a technically precarious state. The challenges were substantial: poor project organization, a surplus of redundant code in the form of flows and rules, a lack of code versioning, a suboptimal server-side architecture, and the absence of QA and production environments. We were tasked with not only improving the existing system but also developing numerous new features. Given our unfamiliarity with the platform, embarking on this project felt like being thrown into a bottomless well.


We embarked on a remarkable journey with this project, overcoming a steep learning curve that eventually became our driving force. Our accomplishments were nothing short of extraordinary. At the application level, we introduced a range of enhancements, including a Dynamic Form Builder, Dynamic Page Creation, dynamic mapping for generating PDFs and CSVs, REST APIs, the seamless integration of Jspreadsheet into Decisions, Parent/Child Reports, Actions on reports, Page Rules, and Dependent Page Rules that dynamically show/hide pages or questions based on selections. On the server administration front, we performed magic. We orchestrated the entire infrastructure on Azure, setting up Repository Servers, Development/QA/Production servers, and subdividing the project into subprojects to enhance reusability and control. Branching (Dev/QA/Prod) and seamless merging became part of our routine, facilitated by Azure DevOps CI/CD Pipelines. We devised PowerShell scripts for automated deployments, a Reconciliation tool to compare files across servers, modified default MergeToBranch flows on the Repository server for streamlined auto-deployment and expertly managed SSL certificates for all servers. Timely software upgrades on the Decisions platform and robust security administration in Azure rounded out our comprehensive approach. At Avyst Interview, we didn't just meet challenges; we conquered them, delivering a truly transformative solution.